Bedell Frazier Featured in Barron’s

Bedell Frazier is proud to share that our own Mike Frazier was featured in the Barron’s article “Big Money Poll: Bears Rise to a Two-Decade-Plus High.” Please join me in congratulating Mike on this excellent feature.

Here are a couple of insights Mike shares in the Barron’s piece:

“Sometimes, I feel like we’re at the mercy of tweets and breaking news from Washington, and switching gears on trade and foreign policy,” says Michael Frazier, President and CEO of Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling. “It’s a tough environment to navigate right now. The risk/reward isn’t all that compelling.”

“There is a lot of angst,” says Frazier, whose San Francisco Bay Area-based firm manages about $500 million. “Politics are really playing a much bigger role than in past market cycles. There’s such a stark division between political parties that it is weighing on the psychology of where the country is and where the economy and the market are.”

For those with a Barron’s subscription, the article can be read here.

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