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Weekly TGIF

Weekly TGIF

Tug-of-War on a Tightrope

It feels like there is a massive tug-of-war going on. And the tug-of-war is taking place on a tightrope. It is clearly centered around the subject of Covid 19 and a return to normalcy. It's…
April 9, 2020
Weekly TGIF

Bay Area Lockdown – Day 11

This was another record week. Stocks had one of the best weeks in history. The Stock Market saw the best three-day bounce since the Great Depression. Of course, it followed one of the worst. That's…
March 27, 2020
Weekly TGIF

Limit Down, Limit Up

We are going to remember this week for a while. We're going to remember it for a number of reasons. We are going to remember it for the Coronavirus. We're going to remember it for…
March 13, 2020
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Investing is a Journey

Market volatility is back, big time. The S&P has experienced six 3% daily moves, both up and down, in the last two weeks. This type of price action had not occurred in the previous 24…
March 6, 2020
Weekly TGIF

Please Read This

There is no sugar coating. This was a bad week for stock investors, whereas bond investors had one of the better weeks in history. It set all kinds of records for bad. It was the…
February 28, 2020
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What Lies Beneath

Fear is back in the Market, triggered again by the coronavirus spread. The media will certainly cite this explanation over the weekend. However, a sell-off was way, way overdue after an almost reckless rally the…
February 21, 2020
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The American President

The President of the United States is generally considered the most powerful person on the planet. It's been so since World War II. These days, the American Presidency gets more publicity than pretty much anything…
February 14, 2020
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Fear, Greed and Blow-off Tops

I find myself writing to you for the second consecutive Friday that brought sharp declines for stocks. These Friday declines bookended a massive rally, which sent the S&P 500 to fresh, all-time highs. It hasn't…
February 7, 2020