Mike Frazier in the Wall Street Journal

We are so thrilled to announce that our own Mike Frazier has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. When they needed insight to include in their recent article on US Banks and the weariness of investors when it comes to big lenders, they turned to Bedell Frazier and our own Mike Frazier’s professional insight.

“We’ve been underexposed to banks for a few years, and it’s really been rate-driven,” said Michael G. Frazier, the president and chief executive of Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling LLC, with $430 million under management. He said low profit margins, low dividends and high legal costs at the big banks have made most of them unattractive.

We are so proud to see Mike’s leadership represented in such a prestigious publication. Please join me in congratulating Mike!

– Meredith Rosen

For those with a Wall Street Journal subscription, the article can be read here.

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