Mike’s Morning Brief – March 23, 2016

Market opens in the red again, as investors continue to absorb all of the developments of the last 2 days.  Stocks held in surprisingly well yesterday considering the attacks.  Volume has been the lowest on the year so far this week.  There are suspects in the Belgium bombing, but no arrests as of yet.  Europe was already facing many challenges, economically and politically.  Calls for closed borders and nationalism are on the rise.  The case in Britain to leave the EU is getting stronger.  That is not factored into the Market.  Trump and Hillary had another strong night in some western states.  The path to the White House seems to be a 2-person race, but many in the Republican party are desperately seeking an alternative to Trump.  The convention this Summer should be eventful and probably a little heated.  The Presidential election uncertainty is not a positive for the Market.  Interest rates are ticking lower again, as money rotates back into Bonds.  Crude is holding the $40 level.

Have a great day.


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