Mike’s Morning Brief – March 9, 2016

Market opens higher on this 7th birthday for the Bull Market.  It’s the 3rd longest Bull in history.  It’s also quite possibly the most distrusted and hated.  Confidence has been low since the Financial crisis in 2008.  It still is 7 years later.  There’s been nothing easy about navigating this Bull.  The 5-day win streak in March was snapped yesterday.  Stocks took it on the chin and erased a chunk of the monthly gains.  Yields fell with Bonds rallying.  The price of oil fell.  The reverse is happening again today.  There’s a big focus overseas, ahead of the ECB meeting tomorrow and concerns about how bad things really are in China.  European stocks were higher overnight.  Trump had another big night on the campaign route.  Sanders had a big win in Michigan.  Hillary still has a commanding lead.  The Market is starting to settle in on a Trump vs Hillary bid for the White House, although there’s till so much time til November, and this election has proved that anything, ridiculously anything, can happen.  It’s another important day for investors. We need to see more momentum for confirmed breakout.

Have a great day!


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