Mike’s Morning Brief – November 16, 2016

Mike’s Morning Brief: A fast-break rundown of what’s going on.

Market opened in the red, taking a breather after a powerful move since the election.  The DOW has been up 7 consecutive days, leading the charge. It was down 7 straight before the election.  It has not been a broad based move, as evidenced that Tech has been a big laggard since Trump won.  But yesterday was as close to a broad based really as we’ve seen.  We see more of that ahead.  Global Markets were lower overnight.  Interest rates are ticking up again with the 10-Year Treasury yield thru 2.2%.  Crude rallied big time yesterday, providing a big spark to the Bulls.  It’s giving some of it back today.  Gold is slightly lower too in early trading.  When you take a step back and think about what has transpired in Washington and the reaction to it, this is quite remarkable.  There is nothing Bearish about hitting new, all-time highs.

Have a great day.


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