Newsweek – Super Swift: The Economic Impact of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Last Summer, I wrote a piece on the 2023 American economic engine being dynamic women. I received a lot of positive responses.

Taylor Swift launched a record concert tour and re-wrote the record book. She had as big of an impact on the NFL season as anyone too. Who saw that coming? Taylor Swift was named Time’s Person of the Year. Now, I’m no “Swiftie”, but I was so intrigued by the response and her success that I decided to dig a little deeper on the subject. I ended up writing a piece and submitted it to Newsweek. They just published it.

This was a fun piece to write. I enjoy studying and telling success stories. From pizza and wine to the history of delivery and AI, success is evolutionary. It’s not just the “what” that matters. I’m convinced it’s important to always understand the “why” and “who.” They’re human stories of risk-takers and tenacious individuals with conviction. They aren’t afraid to make a mistake and learn from it. Success often stems from failure. But it’s not failure if you don’t give up.

Here’s the link to the new piece titled “Super Swift.” I hope you like it.

The full article can be read here.

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