Newsweek – The Grapes Had A Path: An American Wine Story

Newsweek asked me to write another piece. They responded favorably to my pizza topic last Fall. Recognizing that there’s so much negativity out there these days, covering a subject matter that pretty much everyone likes proved effective.

Apparently my writing style is considered unique. I’m cool with that. I love challenges. Challenge accepted again.

Sticking with that popular theme, I decided to write about wine. That seemed like a crowd-pleasing subject for many. I had fun with this one too. I knew much of it already, but exploring the evolution of the wine industry was enjoyable. I am in constant pursuit of the why, trying to understand backstories and why things are so. It makes them real and more valuable.

My favorite writings allow me to channel my history brain with innovation and anticipation of what’s coming next. I hope you find this one interesting, valuable and perhaps a little entertaining.

Here’s the link, if you’d like to read it:

The full article can be read here.

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