Save Mount Diablo

The Need for Education in the Natural World

On April 21, students from Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School and staff from Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling visited our Mangini Ranch Educational Preserve, as part of a Conservation Collaboration Agreement (CCA).

Below is Mike Frazier’s reflection on the event:

Nature and our Role

Nature is life; It’s Earth. It’s Water. It’s Wind. It’s We.

We, the people, are the most consequential elements of nature.

We are takers. We are also givers. We just lack balance in that subject.

Rivers. Oceans. Mountains and Prairies; that’s Nature.

Smiles. Laughs. Hugs and Tears. That’s Nature too.

Nature breeds the Natural. To be Natural is to be Authentic. It’s not about being Right or Wrong, or Good or Bad. It’s about being real.

Nature is evolutionary. Give it a chance and it tells stories, really good stories. Show it respect, and it captures the past as well as the promise of tomorrow. Whistling winds and rapidly running water send messages, really important messages. Sometimes it says relax, take a seat, you found a soothing spot. Other times, it says take heed, beware, danger lies ahead. Listen to Nature.

Nature is rugged. Nature is wise. Nature is about Experiences. Nature is Colorful. Nature is Outdoors.

Treat it well, and Nature will be there for us forever. Enjoy it. Play in it. Hike it. Surf it. Run it. Bike it. See it. Breathe it. Plant it. Grow it. Share it. Be it. And most importantly, preserve it as a good steward for generations to come. That is our role in Nature.

Read the full Save Mt Diablo article here.

Bedell Frazier is a proud supporter of Save Mt. Diablo!

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