Every holiday season we reflect on all we have to be thankful for: our health, our family and friends, our homes. It’s so easy to take them all for granted. We recognize how fortunate we are, especially this year as the massive wildfires burned in our home state.

As business owners, we believe it is important to give back to the community. We feel so fortunate to be able to make a difference in other people’s lives. In fact, that’s our purpose. We have been supporters of the George Mark Children’s House for several years. It is run by a fantastic group of people who have one mission: to provide a home-like setting for children and families who need the ongoing resources of a children’s hospital. The George Mark House becomes home for families of terminally ill children and allows them a place to spend quality time as a family during a horrific period of their lives. By definition, this is where some children go to die. But in reality, it’s the George Mark House where they actually get to live. This is a truly magical place.

This year we were one of the sponsors of the organization’s Autumn Celebration. The event took place at the home and we were able to tour the facility and meet some of the families who have benefited from the extraordinary care of the organization. The event was moving and validated our support of this incredible local organization.

We are investment professionals. There is no investment more important than our children.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our office will be closed Thursday and Friday. We will be back, dark and early on Monday.

Mike, Meredith and Mike

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