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Read our Summer Newsletter to find out how this current Bull Market, the 2nd longest in history, will face the uncertainty of our global markets. We tackle Brexit, the future of the interest rate, and help you make sense of your long term investments in the changing world of tech innovation and renewable energy.

After a wild ride, the DOW and S&P 500 enter the second half of 2016 higher than when they started the year. Concerns of a US recession dwindled, but choppy price action has infected the US Stock and Bond Markets as global turmoil presents challenges to investors. The correction, which began last summer, continues. The current Bull Market is the 2nd longest in history and is still very much alive in our minds. Because of its maturing age, its corrections are expected to take longer too.

There is a bridge of uncertainty which spans choppy waters for global markets. We see volatile price action continuing over the summer and into fall. We believe clarity on Europe and Washington will lead to the next stage of this Bull Market. The current Bull has absorbed a lot in its 7-year life, but kept charging ahead. We see it continuing. We are long-term investors that know how to deal with short-term issues.

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