TGIF May 9, 2014

The moms of Bedell Frazier wish you a Happy Mother’s day. We think of our own mothers as the MVPS of our lives. They not only taught us how to learn but how to live happy lives filled with friends and family. Actually, they taught us how to get along with others and work hard.

Here at our office, we embrace both of these behaviors. We hire from many generations and espouse the value of younger workers absorbing the experience and knowledge of their elders, just like mommy taught us!

From a professional standpoint, the prime benefits which inure to our younger staff from our seniors are respect for the old-fashioned work ethic and enthusiasm for their work. Service is another virtue fading in today’s 24/7 workplace. It is amazing to shadow older portfolio managers on how to best serve client needs. We serve multiple generations, so this service attitude needs to relate across different age groups.  Here at BFIC, serving clients is everyone’s job.

Once again, Happy Mother’s Day to all!

By: Meredith and Nancy

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