Monday – January 13, 2020

Market opens higher to start the new week. It’s going to be very eventful. The Phase 1 trade deal is set for signing Wednesday. Earnings Season begins, and the Banks will start things off. Expectations have gotten pretty high as the Market continues to reach new highs. The DOW cleared 29K for the first time on Friday, but it failed to hold that milestone. It’s going after it again this morning. The Iranian government admitted to shooting down that Ukranian plane by mistake. Iranian citizens protested, calling for regime change. It will be interesting and important to see where that goes. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said over the weekend that Boeing’s struggle would knock 0.5% of GDP growth. North Korea is back in the news and making it clear they have no plans to give up their nukes. Volatility is our theme for 2020, and it’s already shown up. Expect it to continue in a big way. Stocks are higher. Bonds are lower, with rates ticking up. The Dollar is stronger, while Oil and Gold are weaker. The VIX is green, but still below 13. Hang on tight.

Have a great morning,

Mike Frazier

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