Dark and Early

Dark and Early

Monday – March 30, 2020

Market opens in the green to start the new week. Social distancing has been extended throughout the country until May. That's not much of a surprise. The President's goal of opening the economy by Easter…
March 30, 2020
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Monday – March 23, 2020

Market set for higher open to start the new week as the Federal Reserve uses unprecedented tools to combat the economic crisis triggered by the virus. Stocks reversed course overnight after initially hitting limit-down. This…
March 23, 2020
Dark and Early

Monday – March 16, 2020

Market opens sharply lower as the coronavirus shock continues. Stocks were halted immediately, as circuit breakers were triggered at the open. The shutdown of schools and travel around the country has moved to bars and…
March 16, 2020
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Monday – March 9, 2020

Market opens gapped down as the Futures Market hit limit down (5% decline) in the overnight session in response to the war on Oil launched by the Saudi’s and the Russians. At one point, Crude…
March 9, 2020
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Monday – March 2, 2020

Market opens higher after another wild overnight session. It came after the worst week for the Stock Market since the Financial Crisis. The S&P fell 15% in just over a week. Interest rates kept falling,…
March 2, 2020
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Monday – February 24, 2020

Market opens sharply lower in the wake of the accelerated cases of coronavirus beyond China. The S&P fell 100 points. The Dow fell nearly 1,000 points. The Tech-heavy NAS is feeling the most pain, down…
February 24, 2020
Dark and Early

Tuesday – February 18, 2020

Market opens lower to start the new week. Apple guided lower, stating the impact of the coronavirus has hurt its ability to manufacture products and has hampered demand in Asia. Apple is the first company…
February 18, 2020
Dark and Early

Monday – February 10, 2020

Market opens lower as the Coronavirus death toll surpassed the SARS outbreak amidst predictions the number of cases will rise before peaking in mid-late February. 97 more people died in China yesterday. The Press discussed…
February 10, 2020
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Tuesday – January 21, 2020

Market opens in the red to begin the holiday-shortened week. Earnings Season begins week 2 with expectations on the rise for solid reports. The fear of the virus spread from China seems to be weighing…
January 21, 2020
Dark and Early

Monday – January 13, 2020

Market opens higher to start the new week. It’s going to be very eventful. The Phase 1 trade deal is set for signing Wednesday. Earnings Season begins, and the Banks will start things off. Expectations…
January 13, 2020
Dark and Early

Monday – January 6, 2020

Market opens lower again as tensions build between the US and Iran. Risks are rising in the region and throughout the globe. Dangerous rhetoric from the President and leaders in Iran suggests this is not…
January 6, 2020