Tuesday – January 21, 2020

Market opens in the red to begin the holiday-shortened week. Earnings Season begins week 2 with expectations on the rise for solid reports. The fear of the virus spread from China seems to be weighing on investor psyche. Global markets were largely lower overnight. The “Global Elite” are meeting again in the snow in Davos, Switzerland to help solve the world’s problems. At least that’s what they claim they’re doing. President Trump made a speech that seems to have gone over fairly well with the crowd. He cut a deal with French President Emmanuel Macron to avoid a digital tax, giving the year to form an agreement. Trump said phase 2 talks will begin soon, but tariffs will remain in place until a deal is signed. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is moving forward with Brexit and desires parallel trade talks with the EU and the US to kickstart the process. The US is back to flying its own astronauts to space. Space travel will be a big theme this decade, and it’s investable.

Have a great morning,

Mike Frazier

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