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Weekly TGIF

Weekly TGIF

Think Different

Image by Jonathan Mak Long Perhaps buried in the headlines this month, with all the goings-on in Washington, throughout the country and around the world, is the fact that it's been exactly 10 years since…
October 22, 2021
Weekly TGIF

Supply Chain Strain

It was a solid first week of Q3 earnings. The Big Banks reported another robust round of results. The economic recovery has allowed lenders to release more cash they had set aside for pandemic losses.…
October 15, 2021
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September Selling Season

Stocks have been for sale in September. In fact the consecutive weekly declines just hit 3. After such a massive rally in 2021, the Market was way overdue for a breather. What's interesting is there…
September 17, 2021
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20 Years

Never forget. How could we? Chances are, you remember exactly where you were. You remember the complete and utter shock. Your eyes and ears had to be deceiving you. Unfortunately, they weren't. The unthinkable happened:…
September 10, 2021
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Labor Day Weekend 2021

Labor Day weekend is a busy time in America. It's the unofficial end to Summer. The 3-day weekend is usually filled with barbecues, trips to the Mountains, to the Lakes and to the Beach. This…
September 3, 2021
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Another Rapid Rundown

So much for sleepy Summer days. I guess they just don't exist anymore. I can't be the only one that thinks that, right? There were a number of really important developments this week. They were…
August 27, 2021
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As Goes Disney

As goes Disney, so goes the country. That phrase has some merit as The Walt Disney Company reaches so many Americans. The reach has clearly crossed oceans too. The company had already embraced the Digital…
August 13, 2021